Holiday season – are you checking emails? What about your return

We may aim to avoid checking emails whilst on holiday, but how realistic is it? Sometimes there is something we need to be involved in and need to be copied in and perhaps to respond. But how much time should we spend on this? Ideally this should be the minimum.
I’ve written before about planning for our vacation, getting tasks completed, passing things on and creating an ‘out of office’ message that means that most people don’t expect a response.
I do like the message which tells people that all messages will be deleted and to forward on << date>> when you are back at work.
On holiday you can limit your time to checking emails, perhaps limiting it to 15 minutes twice a day when it has minimal impact on your family.

So if you have had your main holiday, how was it for you? And if not how are you going to manage your emails? Feel free to leave a comment on my blog.

And if you want some helpful tips on your return to work

How to stay in touch with work, but not let it ruin your holiday.
The children are back at school, are you now back at work?  Here’s some advice, let me know if it helps.
1. Plan your day of return – Spend at least a day at home before returning to work to deal with personal and household tasks and to get your sleep patterns back to normal if you have travelled across time zones.  Rather than face a full 5 days back at work could you return on a Thursday so you only face a short week?
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Benefits of a Holiday – a chance to rejuvenate, good for our well being.
There are many benefits of a holiday. Holidays are a time to stop thinking of work, and to let thoughts go. We can do this best by getting straight before we go away, and avoiding checking work emails. If you are an employee you shouldn’t be bothered whilst on holiday.
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