How to stay motivated at work – a journalist rang and asked for some suggestions on this topic, here are some great ideas, which ones would you like to try first?


How to stay motivated at work 1-5

  1. Decide to like your job and the work that you do – give yourself a sense of purpose for going to your workplace each day.  If you expect to have a good day you probably will. It’s all part of having a positive attitude.
  2. Be clear on what you are doing and why – how your work contributes to the wider business objectives
  3. Create your to do list the night before so you can focus as soon as you get to the /workplace.
  4. Celebrate your successes – and with big tasks this can be steps along the way, like ticking off items on your ‘to do’ list
  5. Take short breaks, such as 5-10 minutes every hour – review your progress, grab some water, walk about, tidy your desk,

How to stay motivated at work 6-10

  • Think about all the times you have helped people – they may not thank you, but you know
  • Start the day well with your exercise to give you the energy to complete your key objectives
  • Spend time with co-workers – we all want to have some socialising and it gives us a chance to take our mind away from a complex task.
  • Set high standards, and hold yourself to them – leads to being seen as great by others and gives you self-respect
  • Set yourself (stretch) goals. Have a plan of where you want to go and work towards it and work out how you will reward/treat yourself

How to stay motivated at work 10-15

  • Focus on one task as a time – when we multi-task we have too many distractions. Prioritise and clear one task, then move on
  • Make sure there’s more to life than work. Make sure that work isn’t the only focus of your life – have interests outside of work.
  • Play to your strengths – and stop trying to work on your weaknesses
  • Get feedback – if it’s not forthcoming from others ask them for it. You could schedule a regular check-in meeting to review progress
  • Seek to enlarge and enrich your job – too much of the same old routine can be boring, and you may benefit from having more autonomy. You can also look to get involved in cross functional working/ project teams

How to stay motivated at work 15-18

  • Remind yourself of your great points – at the end of each day celebrate everything you have achieved and write them down so you can review them again
  • Stand up for yourself – if you are having a bad time perhaps because of unacceptable behaviour from others, call them out and tell them. You may want to rehearse with a friend.
  • Take your holidays and properly switch off – so you can come back recharged and re-energised

How to stay motivated at work – so what will you try first?

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