A fascinating article – how you can use Facebook to identify personality traits.

Don Kluemper from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a couple of students reviewed 56 college students Facebook profiles to identify some of the Big 5 personality traits – were they conscientious, dependable, emotionally stable, Introverted?
6 months later they compared their ratings against those of their work supervisors.
They found the Facebook profiles a good predictor of personality. I can see why … we may be able to convince an interviewer in the short term that we have certain personality characteristics, but we can’t keep this up longer term with people we know.
It’s an interest read and I liked the final paragraph

“I study personality test faking. Yes, some people fake personality tests and falsely report being high in socially desirable traits. So, if someone says they are conscientious, they are either conscientious OR not conscientious but giving you a socially desirable answer.
“Some of my work is in developing ways to tell the difference.”


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