I’ve been encouraging some clients to start a blog as a means of developing a reputation in their chosen career path, and I’ll be writing more about this later.

Just recently I’ve been fascinated by the way that Alex James, ex bassist of Blur and now Cotswold Cheese maker presented himself on Question Time.   It reminds me of people who go onto reality TV shows and then are surprised when people they know sell their stories which cover things they would prefer to be hidden.
People who apply or are invited to go onto these programmes will have seen the show and should know want to expect.
For Question Time panellists know they will be asked about current affairs and need to have a view. They also can see how other people present themselves.
So what did we see from Alex – someone who appeared inarticulate and although there were some useful points he was unable to make them well.  There are plenty of sites commenting on this
He also slouched in his chair, gazed around the room and spoke with his hand over his mouth.
I hope Alex learns from this, and wonder if he is disappointed that his public relations people didn’t brief him properly.
When my clients are going for interview and perhaps have to make a presentation we always practice and I’m able to give feedback on how they present themselves. I also make sure I ask the difficult questions so they can see how well they cope under pressure and can thus prepare.

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