If you are on LinkedIn, you may now have the new user interface (layout). What do you think?

I’ve written a couple of times about the changes coming ahead, but even though I knew I’ve still found it more challenging to find my way around. Now some of the features will only be available if you upgrade.
Some key points

  • Some of LinkedIn’s features will look different and may not show up where you’re used to finding them on your profile.
  • Only a brief excerpt from your summary is visible, and the amount differs depending on whether you are looking on your PC, Tablet or Phone so look at your profile on different devices and make sure it looks good.
  • On the mobile, your first 92 characters will appear and on the desktop 220 characters show so you want to get what’s key shown first, to make people want to click and open your summary.
  • You now need to include a space after each sentence, when you have a line break inbetween. Otherwise it doesn’t look great. Look at how mine was

and how much better it looks through adding a space. Click through to the full profile and you will see it shows on separate lines but these are omitted in the short excerpt.

As I prepared my newsletter I had a review of my profile and I’ve made some changes, not major, but some relating to style and another to reflect my retirement and life planning work. so here’s the latest version


  • In the Skills section, only your top 3 skills will be visible on your profile. You’ll need to click to see the rest.

You can still reorder when you go into edit this section, use the link on the right.

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