I love LinkedIn and I love measurement. If we don’t understand where we are, how can we tell if we have improved?

We’ve been able to look up our stats such as this

But there is now a new way, using the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI). This was previously only available to large corporate users but is now available to everyone. Don’t let the term ‘Selling’ put you off – it is Social Selling and we are all selling ourselves, if we mean influencing others to choose us. That’s one reason why we aim to have an effective LinkedIn presence.
Find out your score by clicking on the yellow ‘Get Your Score’ button on this page

Activity: Make a note of your score today

Your score is determined against four areas – The Four Pillars of Social.

  1. Establish your professional brand
  2. Find the right people
  3. Engage with insights
  4. Build relationships

I’ve checked my score today and I’m at 71% and this gives me something to build on.

I can see from my graph at the areas I do well which is
Establish my Professional Brand 23/25 and Build Relationships 25/25. The 2 areas I may like to focus on – Finding the right people 14/25 and Engage with Insights 9/25

Making Improvements

There’s more detail available on the LinkedIn website with slide share presentations against these 4 areas. Key things to consider

  1. Establish your professional brand
  •  We should complete our profile with the customer in mind.
  • Become a thought leader by publishing meaningful posts.
  • We need to aim for a 100% complete profile with picture, headline, summary and experience.
  • We should use rich multimedia on our profile.
  • We should share high quality content and we should get endorsements from customers and colleagues
  • We should list our skill

2. Find the right people

  • Identify better prospects in less time using efficient search and research tools such as using Boolean search terms to find people.
  • Seek more second level connections through membership of groups.
  • Review who has looked at our profile.

3. Engage with insights

  • Discover and share conversation-worthy updates to create and grow relationships.
  • Share more, but also make sure it is relevant to our readers.
  • Look for articles to share using LinkedIn Pulse.
  • Make comments on the content that others in our network shares.
  • Make sure we customise messages rather than use the default option.

4. Build relationships

  • Strengthen our network by connecting and establishing trust with decision makers.
  • Connect on LinkedIn with the people we know, and be strategic to connect with decision makers.
  • Communicate regularly with the people we know – sharing updates or useful information, or just saying hello and asking how we can help.

I’d be really interested in how helpful you find this new tool. I think it is well worth using it to identify some areas to work on over the next 2-3 weeks. You can then use the link to re-score.

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