LinkedIn are making yet more changes to our profiles, and, as always, it is rolling out. So, if you don’t have the new profile yet, it’s coming soon.

Head shot

This has now moved to the left and is about 20% bigger, so check the resolution. Also, it may now cover up some of the text on your header image, so you may, like me, need to get it changed.


This now covers 3 lines rather than 2 so you get about an extra 120 characters. You may want to review the words that show, as you may have been enticing people to click the ‘show more’ link and you may need to revise this text.

Visual media in the summary

This is great. In the last update this had disappeared so people were adding it to their experience section. You can now add more but if you add more than 2 you will lose the words and just get small images, so I think it is better to keep just 2 pieces as it includes some text.

I’ve taken some immediate action and created my own revised background – not looking too bad!

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