Today was the funeral of a special person – Alan Jones. I knew him through my hobby of historical reenactment with The Sealed Knot Society. Alan played a fundamental role in developing the Living History side of historical reenactment. He was also wonderful at building relationships with people and smoothing over difficulties between people with different views.

His funeral was special, there was a piper accompanying the hearse, many people came in 17th century clothes and the coffin was a box, rather than the typical coffin shape, as would have happened in the 17th Centry, the period I and Alan reenacted.

We never spoke much about his job, but I don’t think it was especially meaningful for him, like so many people he did the job to pay the bills.

What he lived for was his hobby. He was good at it, had a lot of friends through this and he gained immense satisfaction from this activity.

Some people hope to find the perfect job, but we need  to think about our life in the round. If your job is not bringing you a lot of satisfaction it could be a lot more bearable of you have wonderful weekends or mid week activities.

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