We’ve been on a number of small planes whilst on holiday and I’ve noticed that all the pilots are wearing standard pilot dress, white shirts with epaulets.  I know that pilots for large commercial planes will be in their uniform, as how would we as passengers feel if we saw our pilots in chinos or jeans and a t shirt or sweat shirt. I don’t think I had thought about what a pilot for a small plane would wear but even for the really small plane with just 2 passengers the pilot still dressed this way.  It’s only after that I wondered why and I think it might be to help them to feel good about themselves and their occupation.  When people wear a uniform they gain confidence from themselves and others and have authority, think of a massage therapist in their white tunic or a police officer.

Many times I have worked with people who dress scruffily at work and these are often the people who don’t enjoy their work and I wonder if there is a connection?  How does this make you feel if you are not well dressed, and how do you feel when you are smartly dressed?  I’ve love to do an experiment to look into differences, how people feel against a number of questions and if they are affected by the clothes they wear.

We know that people make immediate judgements of people at interview, and it is what we look like as well as what we say.  Yet still I interview people who don’t do themselves any favours by what they wear. Too many people wear a black suit and white shirt when the colour drains them and they just look good, and maybe this has an impact on their confidence levels.

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