Loving my life …

We can all love our life; we can all be happy right now; but too many of us are looking for something “out there” to make us happy. If only we change our job or get a promotion, lose 10 pounds, find the perfect life partner, take that dream holiday then life will be sweet.
As we dream for what we haven’t got we forget the things that can make us happy right now. This could be our family, our health, our zest for learning something new, knowing that we are alive.
People know me as someone who specialises in helping people understand who they are and make career choices. But as I talk with clients, and have conversations with others many times I see that people either hope the change of career will lead to success in all areas – they will no longer worry about their weight; they will find romance etc. OR they want to get all their fulfilment from their work and see work as who they are, so with no needs for hobbies and interests or deep relationships. Career fulfilment is important but so too is deciding to be happy right now, with the life we have.

How’s your life right now?

You may well want to change your job, or work out how to feel better about your job but you are not your job. Your job does not define who you are.
There are so many facets to who you are, so many opportunities for fulfilment and I want you to review all your life. To take stock of your wider life. To appreciate what you have and to look at making small changes that have a big impact.
I’ll get you to think of each area on a 1-10 scale where 10 is where you feel happy and content. It’s not about feeling that everything is perfect, or many of us would never give a score of 10, think of it more as being satisfied with how things are.

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Published On: January 8th, 2016 / Categories: Career Discovery, Inspiration /

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