I used to pride myself on my ability to spin plates – multi tasking was my middle name. I’d have lots of tasks on the go and flit between them. I’d also watch TV on catch up as I checked emails and edited documents.

But then I thought; and wondered how it would be if I focused more. If I moved to mono tasking.
So now I switch off the radio, and TV.
I have a smaller desk and only put on it what I need rather than 6 or more piles of tasks to do.
And I’m working more efficiently now I’m mono tasking.
And I’ve a clearer split between work and leisure.
I’m more discerning over what I watch and sit and watch one or 2 programmes a day rather than have many more on in the background during the day but then realise I haven’t really followed it.
Maybe this is something you should try? And maybe helpful for people you know too?

Mono tasking

  • Decide what you will focus on
    • It can help to write your to do list the night before and then work on the first task when you get into your office
  • Remove all other tasks – put your to do pile in a drawer or another room
    • These could be put into folders, so they sit on top of each other or filed but listed so you bring them out when ready
  • Switch off your phone, stop getting email notifications and switch off the radio (music without radio presenters may be ok but not if you are listening to the lyrics)
    • You want to avoid any distractions. I’d forgotten and had the radio on and was getting distracted. Now silence except for the birds!
  • Set a time to work on
    • An hour is probably too long – start with 20 minutes and set a timer. You can then stand up and walk to get some water/ look out of the window – a 5-minute break before you start again
  • Plan a reward
    • And maybe this is to check your emails!

Let me know how you get on or if you have more suggestions.

Published On: May 31st, 2018 / Categories: Career Management /

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