I’m featured in the July-August edition of Business Spotlight


Some of the key points I cover are

How can you let your boss or others in the company know about your achievements without seeming arrogant?

  • It shouldn’t seem arrogant as they should welcome your successes, both in and out of work
  • You could ask for a review meeting and ask to give them an update on what you gave done
  • What is helpful is to set up a regular review meeting and give an update of what you have done
  • Keep a written account ready for your review meeting
  • It can often be helpful to CC your boss into anything important you do and to forward any emails that praise what you have done.

What should you do if you think your boss will not support your efforts to get promoted?

  • Firstly find out why. It maybe they had no idea you wanted a promotion and had no idea how to cover your role if you move on
  • Some could see it as a betrayal
  • It’s best to talk about your ambitions and to get them onside, sometimes you may need to develop e.g. strategic thinking, and they could help you.
  • You may like to get an internal supporter/ mentor
  • In some cases, it may be worth talking to HR and probably best to do that before talking to your bosses boss

What should you do if you are passed over for a promotion you think you deserve?

  • You may think you deserve it but how do you measure up, ask for feedback and help in developing an action plan to help make you a stronger candidate for another time.
  • Don’t be hasty, wait and think it through before e.g. threatening to resign, they might call your bluff

How long should you wait for a promotion before considering leaving your current company and looking for a job elsewhere?

  • Find out when a promotion is likely to occur, if it is a flat organisation and no chance of a promotion is likely then you may want to go elsewhere
  • Do what you can to increase your chance of success such as
    • Volunteer for projects
    • Copy other people into documents that promise you
    • Get some honest feedback on how you measure up to your peers
    • Get a mentor


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