I wanted to let you know of substantial changes happening soon with LinkedIn. We don’t know when, so we need to be ready.
These 2 videos are excellent resources to talk you through the changes
Some features will be lost (5 we think) so here’s what I suggest you do

  1. Create a PDF of your report so you can refer to this information if you need to include it elsewhere. This will include your recommendations but not any multi-media content.

TO DO: Go to your profile and hover over the down arrow to the right of the blue View profile as button. Then select Save to PDF.
2: Request a free archive of your data. This will include a zip folder of all your contacts.
This is not always available so try again later if you get an error message. This will include a zip file of all your contacts.
TO DO: Go to Privacy & Settings; Getting an archive of your data; then click the blue Request archive button on the right.
3: Print a copy of your profile
You will then see all the images and other graphical components.

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  1. Denise Taylor December 12, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    Hi Peter, thanks for asking. I get to know a lot of the new changes through my training as a LinkedIn profile writer and also by research to keep on top of things to best serve my clients.
    They have no incentive to tell individual users, LinkedIn makes the money through the key business players.

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