I was interviewed recently for Women’s Weekly magazine making suggestions for job search when you are 50+.

At an age where, once, we might have been coasting towards the end of a steady job, or even taking early retirement and having some fun, more and more of us are instead out in the job market, and for all sorts of reasons – redundancies, the increased pension age, being able to take on full-time work after bringing up a family, or just because we want to do something new.
But if getting a job in tough economic times is hard for most people, it’s even harder if you’re older. Despite laws against age discrimination, everyone who’s looked for a job at 50 plus knows that it happens, and if you’ve been out of the market for a while, it can be even harder competing with applicants who aren’t just younger, but have a nice, full CV.
Even so, it can be done, says Julie Barnes, 52, who, after being made redundant from her catering job, made over 200 applications before she found one. ‘It feels like the odds are stacked against you, and you definitely have to work harder at getting work at this age – but if you’re flexible and proactive, you can get them.’
You can read the article via this PDF –
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