I regularly get asked to comment on the radio, and don’t say yes to them all. But talking about new year resolutions was one I said yes too.

Today I was on ‘The Wake Up Call’ with Anna Cookson on BBC Radio Kent.

I’m used to the process – I’m usually on later than arranged, and sometimes because of breaking news my input gets cut. I give it some thought and use it to create a blog post, like this one. You have to reuse content!

I do like to be ‘kept on my toes’, you never know the angle that will be taken, and I’ve had challenging sessions with e.g. Vanessa Phelps. But over the years, and I think 2002 was my first radio appearance, I’ve got used to responding to the question.

You can access the conversation here:


Some of us will set goals, just because it is the start of a new year, and for most people within a week the goals will have been forgotten.

Why don’t we keep our New Year’s resolutions?

Resolutions at New Year are generally made in haste, and not thought through, and mostly not something we truly want to do – we go along with what we read about in the paper or on social media, and e.g. decide to go for ‘dry January’ when we are feeling hungover in the early hours.

We don’t keep our resolutions as they are often too big and unrealistic, so, rather than to go to the gym every day for an hour, how about 3 times a week, but you will walk more each day – walk to work, walk at lunchtime, always use the stairs (and build up if you work on a higher floor).

What is the best resolution to make?

These are personal, it must be something you want to do. It helps to review your life, all aspects and see how happy you are with your work and personal lives.  Think about any changes you would like to make in your life, at work it could be to get a promotion; new job; deal better with your boss. In your personal life think about

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Personal growth
  • Clutter clearing – home and mind
  • More time just to be – maybe it is less about doing more, than doing less

Is Jan 1st the best time to start a life-change?

Probably not.  Many resolutions are focused on losing weight, but we still have excess calorific high food and drink at home. It’s probably better to wait a week or so. In the meantime, opting for dry January may be easier. 

Remember, we can make a life change at any time – but a New Year is like opening a new book, all is clear, nothing gone before. But you can decide on the 14th January, any day you want.

Losing Weight

On the radio I was asked about my weight loss, which I hadn’t expected.  I don’t focus on this as although I lost 10 ½ stone, I did put some weight back on but I’m still 9 stone down which many don’t manage to sustain. Key tips

  • Make it your goal
  • Be clear on your outcome
  • Be in it for the long haul
  • Take monthly pictures
  • Tell people
  • Its not just what the scales say – how do your clothes fit, how do you feel
  • A bad choice need not turn into a bad day or lead to you deciding to give up

Should we tell people our goals – does societal pressure help us keep them?

In most cases it does help, and friends will keep you focused, but beware those who like you as their ‘chubby friend’ or another person who doesn’t have any interests and wants to keep you at their level.

What is most important for success

Measurement. How will you know how far you have come if you don’t know the start point? You can Journal – track your journey – write, audio, draw pictures, take photos.


I’ve been writing a blog for years, this is my post from 10 years ago and still relevant today. Access here. 

Happy New Year

Denise x

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