I should have been on Radio Kent on 1st January to talk about New Year Resolutions.  Normally we focus on losing weight, getting a new job, taking up a new hobby. I always think this is the worst time of year to make a change that involves cutting back and pressurising ourselves, far better to wait till better weather.

There was a mix up in the running order and I got missed, up early for nothing! What I intended to say was different to previous years.

Let’s stop saying that we should do stuff … let’s focus more on being thankful that we are still here, and still alive.

This is not the year to give things up and to put ourselves under pressure. Forget about dry January unless you want to.

What we need is to focus on our mental health and staying safe.

The only resolution we should make is to enjoy life, and live more in the moment. We never know how and when things could change for the worse. So enjoy connecting with the people you love and enjoy more of the things that make you happy.

None of us would have anticipated the past 9 months, and despite the development of a vaccine the impact on our lives continues, and who knows for how long.

So, be kind, maybe walk a little more, but more importantly do more of what you want to do, and what will keep you sane.

I’m going to spend more time in nature, spend time building a healthy relationship with my boyfriend and to ensure I have the balance I need – so not just work, study and others, but enough time just to be.

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