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Job Search Special edition

Good morning, I hope all is well with you.
I’m focusing on job search this week. You can read an article on how to make a career change, about using labour market information which is helpful for career research and a key word tool. I’m sure you will find these helpful. Perhaps not now, but hang onto this email so you can refer to it again.
You might think December is a bit of a strange time to refer to job search but this can be a good time, people are willing to talk, there seems to be more spare time. And you can get your preparation ready for the new year.
Wishing you a great weekend and week ahead.
Till next time
Denise x

Labour Market Information

Before making a career choice you will want to do research and to understand more about your options.

As you create your short list of jobs you will have checked out qualifications and skills needed. Now focus more on a clear understanding of industry trends. This is where Labour Market Information (LMI) comes in. It’s the way of finding out more about these areas.
Are jobs being outsourced? Impact of social media? Any focus on being ‘green’?
Use LMI to find out about the market demand for the jobs?  Does LMI suggest trends for more jobs in this area or less?  Are the current people working in this area likely to be retiring in the next 5 years thus opening-up new opportunities or is it a declining industry and there will be even less opportunities over the years to come?
I’ve sourced a great widget to help you gather more information on jobs and you can access this and read more on my blog.
Read more here.

Key word tool

When you apply for jobs you need to ensure you use the right key words (Nouns) as these are used by HR departments and ATS software to decide who to get through the first sift. This can be difficult, so let me share a process that works.
Step 1: Get the detail from the job description of the job(s) you want. It works best if you get job descriptions from more than one ad. Choose your favourite job board or the key aggregators such as Indeed and Simply Hired. You now need to use a special tool which you can access here.
Step 2: Paste those job descriptions in the right-side box below
Step 3: Paste your CV/ Resume to the left-side box. Then click Scan. you can also do this for your LinkedIn profile.
Step 4: Adjust your CV to include more of these key words.
Read more here.


Meet me on FaceBook

I’m still sharing interesting career related articles on my FaceBook page.
I personally review masses of career related articles and share the ones I think are of most interest.
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How’s your love for your job?

I want you to love your job and be happy in your life. If your Sundays are full of dread for the week ahead or you realise you have been chasing the money or someone else’s dream, it’s time for us to talk. Feel free to get in touch to schedule your complimentary 15-minute discussion so we can see if I can help.
And if you know what you want to do but you aren’t getting shortlisted then I can help with CV reviews, LinkedIn makeovers, Interview coaching and more.

Wishing you a lovely weekend, and I’ll talk again soon.

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