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I’ve got a number of things to share with you.

Amazing People Website has had a makeover.

My website is large, there are so many options and whilst I like to be flexible I know that it can lead to overwhelm. So I’ve taken a step back and made things simpler. There’s still some minor changes to be done but the bulk of the work is finished. Do come over and have a peak – https://www.amazingpeople.co.uk/

Being frustrated

As I rush to get everything ready before going away my outlook account failed to open. I need technical help but it will need to wait till Monday, but goodness me it is so stressful. So I’ve had to say to myself …. And breathe. Because getting frustrated isn’t helping at all.

Sharing a funny re a video conference call


I use skype a lot, mainly it works but sometimes we have problems. I’ve found this so very funny and true. There’s also a companion video about online conference calls

I’m in the press

Say no to overtime!

I was interviewed for Stylist Magazine and created 5 tips. I also turned this into a LinkedIn article, you can access it here.

Why your 50s are a great time to become an entrepreneur

You can read the article here.

Using LinkedIn

Really pleased to get a good number of people who want to have a more effective LinkedIn profile. If you missed the details, read what Nora wrote

I am finding the course has given me lots of food for thought, and is very positive.  I have already begun to make improvements: what you say makes a lot of sense.   Not all advice and guidance is motivating, but yours invariably is.

Interested in learning more. You can access further details here.

A lot more I could say but I’ve got to get on my way for a weekend of dancing. I hope your weekend is just perfect for you.


Denise x


How’s your love for your job?

I want you to love your job and be happy in your life. If your Sundays are full of dread for the week ahead or you realise you have been chasing the money or someone else’s dream, it’s time for us to talk. Feel free to get in touch to schedule your complimentary 15-minute discussion so we can see if I can help.

And if you know what you want to do but you aren’t getting shortlisted then I can help with CV reviews, LinkedIn makeovers, Interview coaching and more.

Wishing you a lovely weekend, and I’ll talk again soon

Denise x

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