I wasn’t sure whether to send this message. I’ve been shopping in Cheltenham this morning and I’ve never seen it so quiet. It seems like half the people that live near me are away.
And if you are, you probably won’t be checking emails – you should be having fun and making memories.
But you might be like me, using this as a catch-up day – some time to do household tasks, time to go for a walk. The sun is shining here and I hope the weather is fine for you too. I’ve got a day out with our classic car tomorrow and then going away for a few days with our caravan. And this will be a no technology 4-day break. Well, ok, I’ll check emails twice a day but only to do the absolute minimum.
For the next few days, whatever you have going on, I’d love you to spend some time thinking about this one question. Now, just because it’s one question, it doesn’t mean that there is just one answer.

What can I do in life and work to make myself more fulfilled?

So, for me – it includes

  • Taking technology breaks
  • Not over filling my diary
  • Time to read
  • Time to spend time with nature
  • Working with clients who are excited with making a change
  • Helping people make sure that life after 50/60 is going to be their best life.

The great thing about a list like this is that we can use it to help make choices. So as I’m asked to do something, or considering doing something I can check against my list and if it doesn’t support one of these, (and I can add to this list) I can say no – unless it’s my boss telling me to do something.
This list should not include the things you feel you ‘ought’ to do – perhaps going to the gym. Only the things you really want to do.

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A very happy Easter, as always, let me know if I can be of help.

Denise Taylor

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