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“This January, why not start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. Then, on New Years’ Eve, empty it and see what wonderful things have happened that year”.
I thought this was a wonderful idea and I’ve already created my jar. Are you going to join me?

Fascination Advantage

Before Christmas I shared links to enable you to take the Fascination Advantage. This is the third time I’ve been given free access. This time you don’t get the full report, but you do get two key pages and when you look online there is a video description for both. I don’t get a commission, I just find this very helpful and I’ve been carefully working through my materials ready for the next revision of my website. They have extended the deadline for a couple of weeks so if you didn’t take it before, now is the time.
I’ve created a blog post with more information on the Fascination Advantage and you can find it here: https://www.amazingpeople.co.uk/the-fascination-advantage/
Send me details on your Archetype and I’ll send you a link to useful supporting material, to increase your understanding. I’m using this, and more, to help with revisions to my website and other materials.

Denise on the Radio

I was interviewed on Radio Gloucestershire last Friday. I was on the Anna King show, discussing changing careers. It’s available on iPlayer and you can access it from this link. If you fast forward 5 minutes or so I’ll be on. https://lnkd.in/eCqFJ8b

Living for the Present

With recent deaths of well-loved artists – David Bowie and Alan Rickman and now Dan Haggerty, who played Grizzly Adams it makes many of us think about our own morality.
We never know what the future may be – for us and those close to us.
I used to ask people what they would do if they only had 6 months to live. It’s often about spending time with loved ones but also experiences, creating memories.
Rather than buying people things, it’s far better to give our time. To be present for them. To listen to someone, to offer to help

“When you recognize and accept that things are the way they are, and that the present is all we truly have, then it’s not too much of a leap to believe that the present is perfect. Maybe it’s not optimum, but it is perfect to learn from and perfect to grow from.” Thomas Leonard


On the net – Being fluent at swearing is a sign of healthy verbal ability

Swearing is an incredibly versatile aspect of language – take the word “fxxk” for example. This highly charged word, still offensive to many people, has many uses beyond its literal meaning. This was colourfully demonstrated by linguists Anthony McEnery and Zhonghua Xiao from Lancaster University in the UK in their research on spoken and written English.
Read more … http://digest.bps.org.uk/2015/12/being-fluent-at-swearing-is-sign-of.html

Improve Productivity – Read more in less time – Blinkist

I’ve recently come across Blinkist – and it should help me to learn more! You read key summaries from non-fiction and this could be enough, or you can decide to buy the book following your review. You get 2-weeks free access with this link. If you don’t want to continue with premium access they also have a free option. More details about Blinkist, as well as recommendations for efficient use, are available here

Client Feedback

Working with Denise was a much needed breath of fresh air as I had struggled to find clarity with a few other career coaches/advisers.  Given my previous attempts, before agreeing to any work beginning, Denise was happy to outline to me exactly how she could help me to find a business that I was firstly good at and secondly, involving work that I would actually enjoy based on my strengths and preferences.
What really impressed me was her structured and methodical approach in coaching me to figure this out complete with documenting of agreed actions, homework thus keeping me accountable.  This was most welcome one previous coach had opted for a fly by the seat of their pants approach involving no materials, pre-work, homework and only parting advise of “just think on it, an idea will come to mind”!
Since working with Denise I have begun the required training and am thoroughly enjoying myself as it ticks all the boxes Denise helped me to identify.  Highly recommended and I shall miss chatting with her which was always a pleasure!
Jo, Buckinghamshire

I’m off to London tomorrow, 3 days’ consultancy working on an assessment centre. When I coach people to improve their effectiveness with interviews and Assessment Centres I draw on many years of practical experience. Gosh I seem old as my experience is for 25+ years, when I worked for Royal Mail I was responsible for training all assessors within the Post Office Businesses.
For me it’s important that I have the background knowledge and practical experience for the work I do. My website is not marketing words but a true reflection of how my experience helps people.
I help through

  • Knowledge of psychology. I’m an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society with an MSc in Occupational Psychology and Diploma in Coaching
  • Understanding of business. I was an assistant director with Royal Mail, have an MBA and coach business leaders
  • Keeping up to date and knowledgeable on personal marketing and effective 21st Century job search techniques. I am a Certified Personal Branding Strategist, Social Branding Analyst, author of 8 career books, featured as guest expert in the media and much more.

Are you having the success you want at work? If you want to discuss how I can be of help please get in touch.

Till next time

Denise x

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