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Client News

You may have been on my mailing list for years – it’s never too late to get in touch. Recently Fiona has contacted me 5 years on from when I’d spoken with her father about how I can help. The time wasn’t right for her then but it is now and she’s just signed up for the Gold Programme.
An ex-client got in touch and sent me a complimentary copy of his book. It came with a warning note just in case I may be offended, which was a nice touch, and it didn’t offend me – I thought he’d found an excellent niche and wish him every success.

Clearing Clutter

I’ve been so busy with brain work that I’m taking some time to clear clutter. I love it – I love the satisfaction of seeing the output of the work I do. That’s partly down to personality and also to my underlying ability. I regularly use the Highlands Ability Battery with clients and one of the scales is Spatial Relations Visualisation.
A higher score means that you like to see the end result to the work you do, so practical careers are often a good option. I think this is one of the reasons I like tidying up, such a positive visual display of what I’ve done.
I’ve started in the piles of books that don’t fit on my shelves, those stacked up on the floor and under the bed. 22 went to the charity shop on the first review, and I’ve a further 54 to go. I’m now on a role and clearing out piles of paper next week.
When I have a good clear out I always wonder why I’ve kept hold of things for so long … some of the books I’ve got rid of are from the early 90s from my MSc Occupational Psychology course. I’m also embarrassed to say that some I bought and never read, skimming through them they no longer interest me or don’t tell me anything new. Alas none seem to be worth anything, so many books are just 0.01 on Amazon. One of my academic books cost over £100 and it feels such a waste that it has to go – but the money is spent, better to feel the lightness of release that weighed down by so much stuff.

Becoming a Freelancer

I’m a great fan of Seth Godin, I have many of his books and I’m on his mailing list. I also believe that Udemy is a great place for online learning. Till the end of the month you can get a substantial discount using the code MOVEUP. I’ve just bought this and thought you may find it useful to. Read more here.
BTW I don’t make any money from this recommendation.

… and something to ponder on

No one is always busy. It just depends on what number you are on their priority list.

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