I’ve a number of things to share with you this week so you are going to find at least some of it of interest. I realise I have an eclectic readership, and not everyone reads every email, so I think a change may be helpful. I’m going to set up a number of new lists – each focused at a different readership. I’ll still send out a general newsletter, but this may move to monthly.

Are you a parent (or guardian)?

I want to send you specific guidance on supporting your child through all aspects of study and transition to the world of work. If this is something of interest. I’m also happy for anyone else with an interest in young people to sign up.

Here’s the link: http://eepurl.com/b3yYD1


Goal Setting

I’ve spoken about goal setting, and recently used my weight loss as a clear example. I could equally have focused on how I moved from leaving school with 4 O levels to gaining 3 degrees. The first was my Open University degree, which took 8 years and I gained this in 1988, nearly 20 years ago.

Back then I hadn’t even considered leaving work to study full time. I kept going by breaking the goal down year by year, module by module and having the support of my tutor and fellow students. 8 years was just 1-year x 8!

For me, learning is something I enjoy, but not always easy. I love to learn more to best help my clients but also wider stuff to expand my knowledge. But weight loss … gosh it’s hard. It’s an ongoing challenge, and these are the worst kind of goals. When you are never there. Stop being vigilant and the weight goes on and every day you confront foods to tempt you from your goal.

Too often a goal could be clearer, too often we get distracted by other things that come our way, including people. Others don’t want us to change, to seek out the promotion or to sign up for a course of study. They like us the way they are … and if we change, it shows up areas in their life that they don’t want to address.


If weight loss and healthy living is an interest, you can join another list where I send out occasional messages. Read more details here – www.fat2fantastic.com


The positive spin (CV of failures)

Read social media posts and (almost) everyone is having a great time, but they self-select. It’s about creating an image, a persona out there. It’s like this with our CV, we create it to sell ourselves, to demonstrate our capability. We have limited space so we avoid covering things where we have failed. The jobs we didn’t get, for an academic, the funding not gained.

The CV isn’t the place for this. But when we talk with others, especially younger people who work in the same field as us, they often see us as having a charmed life. They think that everything has come easy to us. They don’t know about the promotions we didn’t get, how working hard had a negative impact on our social life and more.

Johannes Haushofer, an assistant professor of psychology and public affairs at the university in New Jersey, created his alternative CV; from this link you can access both his ‘proper’ CV and his CV of failures.


Johannes said he did this in an attempt to “balance the record” and encourage others to keep trying in the face of disappointment. “Most of what I try fails, but these failures are often invisible, while the successes are visible.”

Wow, there has been so much media coverage and his name is out there. Think about this as a strategy for getting another job, or raising your profile. Does this spark any thoughts for a different style CV or other communication to get you noticed?

Linked to this, if you wanted a different type of CV, one that is more visual just for a day or two you can get access to Sumry (usual price $180 for a year via App Sumo.  This would be something to compliment your main CV.



Seeking to get a better LinkedIn profile?

Why not work through my comprehensive online service – How to use LinkedIn to Manage your Career




In the press

Stylist magazine – Are long weekends better for you than a two-week holiday? Read my tips here.

Womans Own – Our Eureka Moments


Client Feedback

I have wanted to retrain in another industry for some time, for a new challenge, and because of the yearly redundancies happening within my industry.

Not knowing what career to retrain in, or whether I would be well suited to the role was a large concern, as retraining is rarely cheap or quick to complete!

The Highlands Ability Battery test enabled me to understand my true strengths & weaknesses, rather than just my perceived ones.

The positively extensive and detailed report which results from the Highlands Ability Battery test provides many pieces of useful information, which Denise brings to life and provides further explanations and details.

The one aspect of the report I appreciated the most was the suggested careers, which match my strengths.  I made use of this detail quickly, it helped me greatly during an interview, and I am now about to start a new role.  Many thanks to Denise.

Michael B


How’s your love for your job?

I want you to love your job and be happy in your life. If your Sundays are full of dread for the week ahead or you realise you have been chasing the money or someone else’s dream, it’s time for us to talk. Feel free to get in touch to schedule your complimentary 15-minute discussion so we can see if I can help.

And if you know what you want to do but you aren’t getting shortlisted then I can help with CV reviews, LinkedIn makeovers, Interview coaching and more.

Wishing you a lovely weekend, and I’ll talk again soon

Denise x

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