Good morning and I hope life is good for you. Last week we had to say farewell to my Father-in-law, Jim. He was 91 and in poor health. But that’s just the end. He’d lived a full and happy life and had lots of interesting experiences. It’s a good reminder that we only have one life and we should live it.

Too many of us spend too much time working and doing and not enough just being. It’s often at times like this that we reflect, are we working too hard, or following someone else’s dream?

I love to have experiences, to get strong memories and for the past 10 years this has been having adventures, not beach holidays. In less than 7 weeks I’ll be leaving for Australia, and won’t be back till the New Year. So don’t leave it too late to book an appointment!

In this weeks’ newsletter I share details of a couple of articles I’ve had published on interviews, why you should take a look at your wider life and to ask you if you job is right for you, now.

Enjoy your weekend, I’m going to Cheltenham Literature Festival (nice and local).

 All good wishes, Denise x




This week I’ve had 2 articles published that relate to interviews. I was interviewed by a journalist form The Telegraph on how to answer difficult interview questions.

I was also asked to make some suggestions for an article on Tough Interview Questions: What is Your Greatest Weakness?

Interviews can be stressful as it’s not something that we do regularly. And so much depends on it. It’s not a race where you get a medal for coming 2nd or 3rd. The winner takes all, and you need to perform well.

If you, or someone you know has an interview coming up I can help through a personal interview coaching session. These are effective, and focused on competency based interviews. But sometimes you need coaching at short notice. That’s when my online service is helpful.

My online course Get Interview Ready is designed to be just like working 121 with an expert interviewer. Practice interviewing with my expert guidance. Use the link to find out more.

Schedule an interview coaching session with me and you also get complimentary access to this online course with life time exercise. Could be a wonderful Christmas present idea?


Taking a wider view of your life

My newer subscribers will have signed up for the 14 day Loving My Life programme. I created this last year, whilst spending 3 weeks in St Helena, South Atlantic. With no internet, no TV and lots of nature I was very calm and reflective and realised that my life was far too busy.

I created the different activities and completed each of them myself. I also rated myself and made some decisions about how to improve my score.

So how about you? Did you follow the activities and make some decisions about how to improve your score? Or did you skim read the emails and think that you would do it one day, but never did?

Maybe now would be a good time to work through the exercises again and decide on 2 or 3 areas you want to focus on? If you don’t have the emails you could sign up again – via my home page or read the more detailed article on it here.

And if you are a long time subscriber and missed this, why not sign up today?



Meet me on FaceBook

I’m still sharing really interesting career related articles on my FaceBook page.

I personally review masses of career related articles and share the ones I think are of most interest.

If you visit my FaceBook page you can read them, and perhaps you may like to ‘Like’ my page?


Is your job right for you?

 In this post, we examine a common example of what happens when a high-performing executive uncovers their natural abilities and finds career happiness.

Karen graduated with a degree in Home Economics/ Consumer Services and a desire to be of service to others. After college, she took advantage of an excellent offer at a major power company, thinking that it would be a short-term position while her husband finished school. But the opportunities for growth continued, and Karen decided to stay with the company – and stay she did for the next 18 years!

Karen’s Rise to Leadership

In a meteoric career, Karen moved from a position in consumer education and product development to a supervisory position to the job of Branch Manager. She was the first woman in the company to achieve that level. She went on to become Vice President and, ultimately, Chief Communications Officer.

Unfortunately, each step up in Karen’s career came at a cost to her. With each promotion, Karen moved farther from her core values – her family, her husband, her community, and her true inner self. She lost the balance that would lead to fulfilment and satisfaction. She began feeling restless at work.

Read more

Sometimes we outgrow a job. Sometimes we get promoted and move too far away from our values.

This happened to me. I had fantastic career success working with Royal Mail/ The Post Office, progressing from counter clerk to Assistant Director, Centre for Business Excellence and then realised I wasn’t working in line with my values and had climbed the wrong ladder.

So if you are feeling a bit frustrated in your job and are interested in discussing this, why not schedule a Career Review.


How’s your love for your job?

I want you to love your job and be happy in your life. If your Sundays are full of dread for the week ahead or you realise you have been chasing the money or someone else’s dream, it’s time for us to talk. Feel free to get in touch to schedule your complimentary 15-minute discussion so we can see if I can help.

And if you know what you want to do but you aren’t getting shortlisted then I can help with CV reviews, LinkedIn makeovers, Interview coaching and more.

Wishing you a lovely weekend, and I’ll talk again soon.

Denise x

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