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I’m away again this weekend. A different type of event, it’s called the Also Festival.  I see this as a cross between Ted talks, great dining options and a 90s rave at night. Wellies are packed!

Two things included for you in this edition

  1. An article on Surviving a Career Disaster. It’s based on my contribution for GQ Magazine but I’ve gone deeper. I hope you like it!
  2. I’ve also now got the second online course available in my Career School – Get Interview Ready. Creating this is so typical of me, it was 90% ready to go, I got distracted, lost where I was up to and had to go through and check every video and article when they were all fine. All I’d needed to do was to write the ‘sales page’. I really should finish tasks. Anyway, something I’ve learnt for next time. I’ve got a 25% discount for 3 days so now is the time to order for you or a loved one, maybe good for any young relatives/friends graduating this summer?

Oh, I’ve also been getting some great feedback on my newsletter. It can be a lonely task, I don’t mind that, but if no one wants to read it … what a waste of time. This week three people got in touch to arrange enquiry calls and every one of them said how much they looked forward to my weekly mailing, so thank you – you know who you are.

BTW last week was a great dance camp but I couldn’t dance as much as I’d anticipated. My husband decided to do a ‘lift’ where dancers are raised in the air. Given I’ve lost 20 pounds (YES! and all my summer clothes now fit) he sees me as this slim woman, but I wasn’t keen and I’ve now got bruised ribs. He couldn’t be more apologetic!

Think that’s it for now, I found 2 pairs of wellies, 2 waterproof coats … but at least we’ll have the caravan!

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Surviving a career disaster

Sometimes a job doesn’t work out but it doesn’t mean your next job will also be a career disaster.

I was asked to provide my expert comment for GQ Magazine on what Brian Clough should have done following being sacked as manager of Leeds United and after Paul Gambaccini was dropped by the BBC after historical allegations. You can read my suggestions in July’s edition of GQ Magazine (pages 164/5).

Read the GQ article here: How to Survive a Career Disaster

The process of reviewing what we did and learning from it is something that can be beneficial for all of us, so having read the article I decided to go deeper as I’ve had some clients lose their jobs and become worried it will happen again. Let’s look at what can be helpful:

Review performance on a regular basis

Ideally we get constructive feedback from other people as soon as we start a job, but that doesn’t happen for different reasons. Some bosses are so busy that they don’t even notice if we are doing our job well, they just wait to see the results which can be weeks away. Other times the feedback is so subtle that we don’t pick it up. Or we hear the feedback and don’t agree, so we ignore it. But this rarely is this best approach.

What can happen is that we think we are doing a good job, and look for evidence to support this. It could be that unless the feedback/ comments is provided in a very loud and obvious way we don’t pick it up and just concentrate on our interpretation of what we see/feel/hear. It could be something like saying to ourselves – “well, they never called me into the office, no one told me directly …” missing out on the subtler cues. And feedback is not always provided by megaphone. Think of the passive-aggressive people you know who tell you all is well and clearly it isn’t.

So we need to review our own performance.

When my clients get a new job I ask then to do a daily review of their work. To consider what went well, what could have gone better and what they will do differently the next day. We often learn a smarter way of doing something (shortcuts on Excel, how to simplify a process, how to handle a challenging people situation). We can also consider our wider personal style considering questions such as …

Find the rest of this article here:


Get Interview Ready – online programme

My second online course is now available. It builds on the interview coaching module I’ve previously had on sale but everything has been reviewed to make sure it is as helpful as can be.

I’ve been selling this at £57 for 3-months access. It will be on sale at the same price but there is no time limit to the access.

As it’s a new product and I’d like some reviews, I’m pleased to offer you a discount code, get 25% off for the next 3 days. So if you think you might be shortlisted for an interview in the coming months, get your access now!

Here is the discount code; it expires on 21st June

And of course if I make any updates or changes, which I’m highly likely to do you will get all the updates soon.

Go on, head over, look at the preview and make a saving. Maybe it could be a present? It would be an excellent graduation present and even something for Fathers’ Day perhaps? I’m also happy for you to share, but don’t forget the deadline (21st June) on this offer.

Here’s the link again which includes the discount –



Client Feedback – Interview Coaching

Denise offered a tailored session that helped me to understand my individual strengths and weaknesses. The coaching has proved to be more than a success, and I have since passed an interview and been offered a new job. I had always dreaded interviews, but after some coaching from Denise I have a new found confidence and belief in myself. Malini, London



I have contributed to an article on surviving career disasters in the July edition of GQ magazine. I wrote a couple of case studies, one on a Football theme. It’s the issue with The Rock on the cover.

You can read the article here:


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