I’ve spent the last couple of days in London – with problems with my national rail journey and then tube strikes it’s not been easy. I usually get a very early train, arriving at Paddington just after 08.00 (I have to get up at 04.45 but it means I get to my Wednesday evening dance class) but this early train was cancelled due to industrial action and I realised I’d be unlikely to get a bus in the morning.
Whilst I like walking I’ve stubbed my toe and my foot really hurts so I didn’t think I’d manage the walk from Paddington station to Westminster so I travelled down on Wednesday evening. For a country girl it was a bit over powering, so many people around and there were swarms as I waited for the bus at 9pm but I was on time for my consultancy assignment which was important. I enjoy this work for the Civil Service Fast Stream, so much of my work is done on my own it’s nice to be part of a team.

World Domination Summit

Three years ago I was in the U.S. Around this time, I’d travelled to Portland for The World Domination Summit a chance to meet predominately younger people who were keen to make a difference in the world. Entrepreneurs, digital nomads, a few of us who were 50+.
The speakers were amazing including Brene Brown, Chris Brogan and Danielle la Porte
You can read my review via this classic blog post
It was a big commitment, not only money but time. Also stepping out into the unknown and meeting up with 1,000 people for an intensive long weekend.
I like to step into new areas, and get more out of an event like this than a more traditional learning event such as a professional career conference. Part of who I am is to look for the new in different areas and I find a comment or a session discussion leads me to thinking how I can transfer this to my work.

What about you, have you stepped into a new area, moved outside the obvious, or is it something that you might do?

A good start could be to browse the magazines in the newsagents today and buy a very different magazine to what you normally do and see how it could inspire you. Many years ago I’d go to Smiths and buy e.g. Pig Farmer’s Monthly – there was always at least one article that enabled me to think of something in a different way.

Free eBook – Find Your Purpose Using Science

“This workbook helps you live a meaningful life by finding and living your purpose using science-based strategies”.
I found out about this via the Skeptics in the Pub Group – and it’s free till 13th July. I haven’t read it yet, but looks an interesting read so grab it soon, you can read it one day. You can access it via this link – http://amzn.to/1HqpJ6S

I’m featured in 2 articles

  1. I’m quoted in this online article on how to deal with jet lag, it’s aimed at a young audience


  1. I’m quoted extensively in an article on Getting Promoted in Spotlight Magazine and you can read more and access the article from this link – https://www.amazingpeople.co.uk/moving-up-how-to-get-promoted/


Interesting article – from the BPS website

Here’s a technique that helps self-critical people build confidence from a taste of success

Wishing you a lovely weekend, I’m typing this before going to the gym and plan to go to Tewkesbury Medieval Festival this afternoon. Unusually I’ll be seeing clients on Sunday. I had to postpone appointments the other week due to illness and so needed to be flexible to rearrange.
Till next time, Denise x

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