Some clients wonder if I’m the right person to help them. They write and say that they are not seeking a high flying career but just want a job they enjoy.
I never want to give the impression that I only work with high flyers, my clients have a wide range of backgrounds.
Many of my clients are seeking a job they love, and certainly are not ‘high flyers’ they want help in getting the job they want when there is a lot of competition out there.
When money is limited my complimentary eProgramme – ’10 steps to a job you love’ is a great help. Once you have done that you could discuss
– working out what to apply for
– revising your CV
– help with a job search strategy
My book ‘How to get a job in a recession’ may also be useful.
Never hesitate to email me your situation so I can suggest what would be a good way to help, and stay within your budget.
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