I was on Pete Price’s radio show (Radio City, Liverpool station) on Monday night talking about what advice I’d give to older people who are looking for work due to the pension crisis. 
Sometimes it is about asking people questions to get them thinking, so if you are having to go back to work, or can’t retire due to poor pension outlooks you may like to think about:
·         What would I like to do? You could of course do more of the same, but what you have been doing may bore you, stress you, or you are not in the right fitness level to do it well. And of course it could be that you just can’t get the job doing what you used to do anymore.
·         I think as we get older we have to take account of our health, in our 60s we may no longer be able to do a physical job.
·         What can you see yourself doing in 5 or 10 years time? If you are going to have to work for a considerable number of years then you may as well aim for something you will enjoy and that you can continue to do over the years.
·         How much money do you need, maybe you need some to supplement your pension but I is less about the money and more about keeping your mind active and meeting people and for some it gives them a sense of purpose.
There are other factors to consider, such as the cost of getting to work, having to buy clothes specifically for the job and what you may be giving up such as less chance of taking last minute cheap holidays, and less time with grandchildren.
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