People are different – can you accept differences?

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It’s Friday the weekend is nearly here. What will you do?  Some people will have it all planned – I’m off to a music festival, others prefer to wait and see.  Some will be active, others will chill and all sorts in between. Some will be doing things they don’t really want to do – cleaning, ironing, working on work reports.
Yes we are all different and it can be frustrating when our plans have to fit in with someone whose style is very different to ours. Imagine having a partner who has everything planned when you’d rather do random stuff that occurs to you, or the other way round.  But we do need to get on with others and accept differences and be flexible. My work is not just focused on helping people get a new job, there are people who need to learn how to be effective with work colleagues. Some of these are experts taking on a line management role, others have got into difficulties at work and need to start being more understanding of others. Often assessments will be helpful alongside coaching and over the next few weeks I’m going to be writing short articles and probably videos on some assessments you may be less familiar with.
Talking about getting on with others  … do you really listen?
I’ve written about listening skills on my blog in the past
but I’d also like to set you a little exercise. Practical activity can be much more helpful than just reading.  This exercise is one I’ve used many times when training people in counselling skills.  You can access it here:
and I’d love to know how you get on.
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