Recently back from a holiday and I got thinking about people’s approach to travel to the airport. I allow masses of time. I want to get through passport control and take time to relax.  I usually book an airport lounge so I can have a couple of drinks and some food.

Things normally work well, but not this time. Flying from Manchester with my mum, who needed special assistance, we waited, and waited for the help to move her in her wheelchair from lounge to plane. The gate was announced, we checked with the receptionist, and waited … once the last call notice came up, I began to panic. I did not want to miss the plane and it wasn’t reassuring to be told that can happen. If I’d realised how long, it would be I’d have wheeled her myself.  In the end someone from the gate came for my mum, and we found out everyone in wheelchairs had been left till the last minute.  Very different at Malta where the service was excellent.

I can link people’s approach to airport travel to aspects of personality. Some people like to plan in advance, allow for things going wrong, and keep people informed. Other people like to leave things to the last minute, they are not working at their optimum till up against the wire.  It’s fine if it works for them, but not helpful when they are working with people with a different preference. These other people wonder if you will miss your deadline. Its fine when they know you, but when they don’t …

This is why it is helpful to talk about working styles with our colleagues and bosses. It helps us to realise that not everyone is the same as us. People have different preferences. Understanding this can help with our relationships with others.

It’s not the only way that we differ to others. Some of us are outgoing and like to talk, others are more thoughtful and prefer to keep our thoughts to ourselves.

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