I was sent a Great Minds Go Far Planner to review. It is based on the Go Far Method to keep us organised, especially around our personal goals.

The beautiful black box – very stylish contains

  • Go Far Weekly Planner
  • Goal Setting Guide
  • Notebook

Just like a 1980s planner you can add and remove sections to move your needs.
There is a short video available here.

Go Far Weekly Planner

With their 3 steps to achieve your goals: explore, create, manage.
Explore: You look at your long-term dreams, a mid-term review to look at your life balance and a short term view on how your days are occupied.
Create: your goals
Manage: your weeks
There are lots of activities, similar to activities I do with my clients such as ‘pillars of life’, listing all the things that you are dealing with at the moment and then deciding on what you will turn into goals. As well as keeping you focused there are also reflective questions, so you can review a week before you plan the next week. This includes

  • Listing your main achievements
  • Listing your challenges
  • Noting how you got out of your comfort zone
  • And writing down your weekly reward

The weekly planner covers 3 months and then it’s time to buy the next one.
The back folder has 3 A5 cards to list: My dreams, Monthly to do list and Annual Tasks reminder.
You can also find out more using the QR codes within this section.

Goal Setting Guide

In this section you list a topic, state your goal then review your current situation, your options and strategies to achieve your goal.
There is space in here for 12 goals.
I found it helpful to aid my thinking.


It’s a space to write but again looks beautiful with cream paper and faint dots – I found myself doodling and making boxes.
All booklets come in a nice leather cover.
You can read more via this link and you get 10% discount for signing up for the newsletter. You can also ‘stack’ the discount by adding on this code making it a 20% discount: greatmindsfriends04.

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