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How You Rank

This is a new feature alongside ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’, the statistics dashboard on your account that shows you which people are looking at your LinkedIn page. This new feature lets us see how popular our profile is in relationship to other people in our network.

I’ve just checked my rank and I’m in the top 17% for profile views amongst my connections but my rank has dropped.
But do I care? It’s just one more thing to worry about. Should I really put lots of effort into getting more views? It reminds me of all the things I’m meant to do for SEO purposes no my website but I don’t bother, I just focus on having a good informative site.
I could choose to look at the links on the right hand side with suggestions of what to do … update my summary, join more groups, add more skills … But as I do this, so will others and we will continue in a race to post even more comments, to add more discussions … even more data for everyone else to sort through. I’ve noticed one person who ranks much higher than me, forever adding links, with no comments and this person must do it in several groups as I get 3 updates from them. Doesn’t make me want to connect with her though, probably the opposite.
My decision – I will add comments as seem appropriate but I’m not planning on making radical changes.

LinkedIn SWAM – Site Wide Automated Monitoring

You’ve been following advice and getting more involved in groups so you make a great post, but where is it? Why isn’t it visible?
Not every post within a group will be visible immediately your comment might be waiting for moderation. It could be that someone flags a post as spam, but the impact goes beyond one particular group to cover ALL groups and can have an impact for several months. Not all group moderators will clear comments awaiting moderation promptly. It can also be unfair with some people being placed under moderation due to refusing to provide a recommendation or for being a competitor. If you find yourself with posts under moderation contacting LinkedIn customer service is unlikely to be helpful, far better to contact the moderator of each group you belong to, which could take some time!
To avoid SWAM status

  •           Familiarise yourself with the rules of the group, sometimes they are different
  •           Comment on other posts before you start your own discussion
  •           Don’t post things that are off topic,
  •           Don’t be too salesy or self-promotional
  •           Hold your tongue, don’t get into a strong disagreement, nothing wrong with a challenge but do respect the other person
  •           And you may need to leave a group if a particular moderator has it in for you.


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