I started this morning with 2 client enquiry calls and getting in touch with current clients. It’s not diaried but every 2 or 3 weeks I send a quick email to clients i’ve not heard from, just checking all goes well and when I’ve reached the end of a programme, seeking feedback. I know other people would just let it be if they don’t hear back from a client but I have 2 people who have paid but not started so I email just to gently prompt them to get started. 

My morning client was scheduled for 2 hours but took a bit longer. It was a client who had gone through The Gold Programme, for many of my clients the time allocated to the programme is enough, but some people want to spend longer on really understanding themelves and with greater emphasis on discussing how he can use the output of the assessments both in the current job and outside of work. 

Quick lunch, quick check of emails then a Skype call to a new client. She is going through the Gold Programme with an add on of job search. Using Skype is brilliant, we get the visual connection.  We’ve scheduled our appointments and had a good talk, getting to know each other. I often get sparked to do things from a discussion and from both clients today I’ve got even more things to add to my ‘to do’ list.

  • To do an advanced session on using the MBTI,
  • To run a session on managing your career,
  • To add an inspiring quote/link to each newsletter
  • Plus perhaps a motivational email each Friday to get people focused on getting the best out of their weekend. 

 Then more emails! I get a lot of emails, some are from clients, many more are from groups I belong to and are useful items to read. To help manage my inbox I direct them all into a separate folder to read ‘as and when’.  Then 2 calls to enquirers, and I think both are going to book sessions with me.  I need to follow up with an email. Then the rest of today will be going through my to do pile ready for the weekend.


I’ve had some excellent feedback on how to improve my profile on an online directory, really great and I’ve had to implement whaich has taken longer than I’d anticipated as I then reread the whole entry.

I’ve also spoken to someone who is likely to do some part time work for me, more details will follow. Plus completed revsion of my LinkedIn book – now at version 7 and I’ve answered another question on the Guardian Forum

– http://careers.guardian.co.uk/forums?plckForumPage=ForumDiscussion&plckDiscussionId=Cat%3afbe1954f-19a7-4006-82a3-08b5319f4c1dForum%3ad7d67748-0d26-4795-a106-0bb5072b0d98Discussion%3a3eb43c39-7bf0-4e0f-9cc3-70e21ef232fe&plckCurrentPage=0

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