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Life is busy and it’s not just work. My elderly parents in law have moved this week, and it’s hard at 90+, my mum is in hospital and we don’t have a kitchen for 3 weeks. But I planned for this, very few client sessions this week or next and focused more on writing LinkedIn profiles and CVs.

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1.  Return from holidays

I’ve got a post on LinkedIn with helpful tips, it’s too easy to get sucked in to a back log of email; you don’t have to.
Before you go away
Make sure you are up to date on your work, you have checked deadlines and nothing needs to be completed on the first day back
Set up an auto message to say you are away and to advise people to contact a colleague – who knows you are doing this or let people know when you will be back, and you can fib and add on an extra day. Even better have your auto message set as ‘all messages received whilst away will be deleted, please resend after <return date>’. If you can’t do this and you return to 1,000+ don’t plan to deal with them all in one day. Gradually deal with them over the coming week.  If anything is urgent they’ll send it again.
Read more here: www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-manage-your-return-work-after-holiday-taylor-mba-c-psychol

2.  What next after the public sector

I wrote this article several years ago, but always wanting to improve it, the article remained in my to-do pile. It’s still relevant and is now out there for all to see.

3.  Log Out of LinkedIn now

Some great advice here, I was logged on in 4 places, but others find that they are logged in at many more places. I know you will find this valuable for effective management of your LinkedIn profile.


I love music, of all types, I’m very much into the music of the 40s and 50s with my Lindy Hop dancing but I’ve never lost my love of dance music. I love learning to dance, but even more I love to lose myself in music, to do what I want, not to feel I have to remember steps
You may have missed the Ibiza Prom on Wednesday night. Fantastic to listen to One More time, Insomnia and so many more played by The Heritage Orchestra. Even better on iPlayer you can see the concert with lasers! It will be up for a while so why not play it and go back to those carefree clubbing times. This link should take you directly there
What you can’t see is me bouncing in my chair as I type this while I listen to Ibiza Prom – it’s brilliant.

My Next Book – Find Work at 50+

It’s gone through copy editing and moved into layout phase. It’s wonderful to be taken carefully thought the process and to get such professional support from Trotman.
Have a great weekend, we are taking our 1958 Austin A35 to Gloucestershire Vintage and Country Extravaganza – lots of old vehicles, country sports and more. We need to plan our route to avoid a steep hill, not sure how Dugsy (our car) would cope with that! If you are in the area do come –
Till next time, all the very best
Denise x

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