It’s ages since I’ve spoken about fitness here. If you read my newsletter you will know how I’ve been focused on my health goals, and for 13 months I’ve been moving forward getting slimmer, and fitter and with masses of energy.

I see Emma, my personal trainer, twice a week and this week she has changed my programme. It’s always tough doing new things and when I moan it’s because it hurts, and I know I’m going to struggle.

As always, my body gets used to changes, so the sumo squats onto a step that were so hard on Monday were … well not easy but I could knock out 15 one after the other. I could easily have stopped but that’s not moving me towards my goal.

On my last superset, which was using the quad extension machine and reverse lunges I was tired, but Emma insisted I could do 3 more and I did them. I pushed myself to meet my goals.  I so want to lose another 10lb by Christmas.

Then I look around the gym, people who have not changed shape but have been coming as long as me. A personal trainer, or a career coach is not enough. You have to take the action yourself.

With my job search clients some things are outside of their control, but not everything and when they are not getting to interview, we need to look at what they are doing.  So much of the time they’ve stuck in their comfort zone, doing the activity that comes easy, not the stuff that will really make a difference.

Meeting new people, putting yourself out there can be tough, but it is something that you have to do, in some way.  As an introvert I do so much online, but it is a very personal approach. I don’t just connect on LinkedIn but send messages direct to people and share useful information.

As I was drinking my protein shake after my workout I wrote down:

  • Are you making progress?
  • If not, you know the reason.
  • It’s not your personal trainer or anyone else’s’ fault.
  • What you achieve depends on what you do.

This is relevant for people at the gym, and for people seeking a new career. Can I help? don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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