Each month I buy a different magazine – from science to fashion to the environment. This month I’ve bought Vogue and read a really interesting article on Grace Connington. Grace is nearly 70 and still working as the creative director with American Vogue.

Grace is doing a job she loves and I’m sure it doesn’t feel like a job. That’s how I feel about my work, I love what I do, I love helping my clients and can certainly see me continuing into my 70s, good health permitting. 

For those who love their job, and those who need to work, scrapping the retirement age sounds great. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is seeking to reform the retirement age and Saga are also campaigning for the retirement age to be scrapped. I think this is more likely to be for part time rather than full time working, especially after 65 but this is not necessarily at low level jobs. Older people are more active in mind and body and want to continue to make a contribution, and have the additional income, but I wonder about the implications on young people. Normally people retire and people move up the organisation, thus creating a job lower down the organisation.

We also need to think of people who want to stay on but are not up to it – how do you break the news to them!

However, if you are working in a manual job, with little autonomy you are probably looking forward to your retirement and know that you  are no longer as fit to continue in your job. I know postmen who are getting arthritis and were looking forward to getting their pension at 60. Alas for them, their pension age has been moved to 65 and their pension is now reduced, their new pension is no longer index linked and they may need to work for longer but physically aren’t able.

What about you. Were you planning an early retirement but now know you need to work much longer, or are you planning to work for as long as possible. Love to hear your plans, and also any questions you may have. Write them below and I’ll reply.

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