It’s coming up for 3 years since I did the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. Scared of heights I was shaking when I got in my suit ready for the climb, and even knowing that there were safety measures so I couldn’t fall my mind kept on thinking of disaster movies.

It reminded me of many years ago when I did a Firewalk.  It was part of the tony Robbins UPW (unleash the power within) weekend and I did the fire walk in a carpark in Birmingham.  This was probably 25 years ago, and very scary. Later I read more about the science, and that by moving at a brisk pace it was unlikely to burn my feet, but even so all I could think before was why was I going to put myself through this.

More recently, last July, I did a Vision Quest and spent 4 days (and nights) without food. Before hand I didn’t think I could go for 4 hours without food, but I did it.

It’s good for us to challenge ourselves – it helps us to develop and grow.

Too many people are stuck in their thinking, they have already decided how they will respond to a particular situation – they can’t do something because they are too old or they won’t listen to a new style of music. They have limiting beliefs about learning or changing …

One way to make big changes is to start with smaller ones – and I’d like you to consider – what small change could you make in your life today, and then tomorrow make another one. Let me know how you get on.

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