Not a brilliant day today, weather wise and it would have been easy to spend the day at home. But I had planned to go to the gym so off I went, but it would have been nicer to stay in the room and not to face the risk of skidding on ice.

When I handed over my membership card I mentioned about how hard it was to get there and the receptionist said, well you are here now, so the hardest part is over.

But was it? I’d shown up but was I going to work hard, pull my weight or just play at it. I can’t expect my personal trainer to do my routine, and it’s easy to e.g. spend 6 minutes on the bike but not go too fast, or jog at a leisurely pace.

But I worked really hard and by the time I had worked through my programme I felt that it was a great session.

When people choose to work with a career coach there is a lot that the coach can do, but there is also a need for the client to do work too, whether it be completing exercises, doing research or getting out there and talking with people. But some choose not to. Success is a joint process, I always tell my clients there will be work for them to do, but for a very few when the time comes to do it they stop. Many things may contribute to this – from lack of time to uncertainty and even fear of what they find out. For those that take action they can have the most brilliant results and finally find a job they love.

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