I missed out on mailing you last weekend, I needed to prioritise as I had some urgent work assignments. This included going up to Leeds to take part in a radio day. Last Tuesday I was on 14 different radio stations talking about the benefits from taking a short break – it doesn’t have a big impact on your life, you only need to take a day or 2 of holiday, and you get to re-charge through new experiences – food, drink and culture. I was interviewed alongside a spokesperson for Jet2 Holidays who had commissioned research on what was the friendliest city destination – Amsterdam. Let me know if you heard me.

Taking time to think

Many times people say ‘I don’t have time to think’ and they don’t; their diary is full of activity. Full of doing, but that means we are reactive. What can help is to schedule some time, perhaps to put a line through half a day a week or month where you can take a more strategic view and give you time to address problems and challenges.
What can also help is to allow your mind to ponder and wonder while you take part in a fairly mindless activity. You can give your brain a topic or you can just see what surfaces.
I find that if I go for a walk, or walk at a 5% incline at the gym, or swim they all allow me a great time to think. Other people will use the journey to work – could be good if you are on a bus or train, It might work in the shower, or when you are involved in domestic tasks such as cleaning or filing in the office.
So as you prepare for the week ahead, can you set aside some time to think?

50+ Job Search Focus

My book is on target to be submitted to my editor in a couple of weeks, but I’m still light on some real-life examples so if you would like to help let me know. Ideally you will be 50+ but if I can use your help I will.

1: I’m looking for an example I can include on why someone should get a job …

…a clear statement so rather than saying ‘I’m a project manage’ which is bland and boring, I’d like something with more impact.
Here are some suggestions to get you thinking
‘I bring clarity and strong planning to the chaos of start-up environments and new product launches, I deliver on time and to budget’.
‘I help businesses significantly increase their profitability by tapping underserved markets within their existing client base’.
But I want something relevant to my 50+ readers.
Can you help? Your response doesn’t have to be perfect as I’m happy to edit.

2: The top of your CV

I’m interested in including a before and after.
CVs have changed, you no longer need the objective statement at the top, focused on what you want. “… Seeking a challenging position as xxx where I can use my skills.” Instead your CV is a marketing document, focused on the needs of the person who initially will shortlist you and later interview you. The hiring manager doesn’t care what you want only if you are going to help him or her solve problems, make money, whatever is required in the job.
In my book I have written about a need for 2-3 lines to highlight your best assets for the job you are seeking, it should be short and snappy bullets not a dense paragraph. A younger client wrote
Marketing Executive with five years’ experience in FMCG, now ready to increase effectiveness for clients within a bespoke consultancy.
Can you help – it doesn’t have to be perfect, just something for me to edit.

3: Fact Finding Letters

I’m interested in including a before and after fact-finding letter when you have made an enquiry
Can you help – it doesn’t have to be perfect, just something for me to edit.

Strategic Thought – Value of connectivity

I find reading business articles useful to help me to understand what’s going on in the world, and to consider the impact for my work with clients. Here’s the first of what I hope will be a regular feature
Benefits of expanding internet access – Internet connectivity has already changed many aspects of the lives of individuals around the world and provided far-reaching economic and social benefits. However, of the world’s 7 billion people only 2.7 billion have access to the internet today and the unconnected typically live in developing countries. You can access the article here:

Till next time

Denise Taylor

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