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Are you considering career coaching sessions with Denise?

Please read this leaflet – L1-CareerLeaflet

You could make a start by purchasing either the 10 Steps eProgramme or the much more extensive Career Discovery eProgramme.

If you need help in choosing a career you may like to read this article – ARTICLE-The perfect career


Do you need job search support?

You can work with Denise on a virtual basis using the online Job Search Support Programme. This extensive service includes 50+ videos and all the information you need to be successful in your job search. For example interview coaching includes 9 videos, the Interviews eBook and many other relevant documents.

Would you like to take an assessment?

You can go ahead and make payment, and get immediate access to instructions to take (most of) the assessments.

With the Highlands Ability Battery you need a registration key and this will be sent on to you by Natalie.

Reports are sent on personally and may be subject to delay. Feedback sessions can be arranged for my return.



Of course you may just be making a general enquiry and wanting some useful information to review. Do look at my blog, I have well over 1000 entries. Here’s 3 of my favorite posts