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This time I wanted to share details of a complimentary offer from Jonathan Fields
Jonathan says:

Imagine what it would be like to put your work, art, ideas, heart and soul into the world and have it touch off a movement or revolution. One that inspires thousands of people to not only “buy your stuff,” but come together to help you build a thriving brand, business, career or body-of-work.

It’s been nearly a year. In that time, I’ve not only continued to develop and apply the framework to grow my own ventures, I’ve created a new way to experience its power. A 66-page, strategy-packed guidebook entitled The Art of Revolution: Don’t Just Build a Business, Start a Revolution.

And, here’s the coolest thing…

It’s FREE and you can DOWNLOAD IT INSTANTLY (PDF and audio versions)

As in…right now!
It doesn’t matter whether you’re launching a career or an album, rocking a gallery, filling a theater, building a brand or a growing a company. As long as it’s mission-driven, this framework will help you move the needle in a profound way.

Download your copy instantly now. Did I mention, it’s FREE? lol (PDF and audio versions)

And, if you prefer to listen on the go, you’ll also get instant access to the audiobook version.


LinkedIn and Career Management

Over the next 2 weeks I’m consolidating all my knowledge and new learning around using LinkedIn and it’s all embedded in my deep understanding of personal branding.
Earlier this year I completed a 4 week course with William Arruda president of Reach to become a REACH Certified Social Branding Analyst.
Over the summer I completed an 18 module course – LinkedIn Profile Writing Masterclass with Joshua Waldman (Career Enlightenment, Author of Using Social Media for Dummies) and I’m now a Certified LinkedIn Profile Writer issued by Career Enlightenment.
Next week I start a 4 hour training programme – The Favar Method of LinkedIn Profile Creation to deepen my understanding of LinkedIn still further. This course takes me deep into LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate to enable my clients to have a profile that will get seen by recruiters.
Keeping ahead is one of my key strengths, and soon I’ll let you know about how I can use this with you. LinkedIn is not just an online job site but is essential for managing your career.

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