More than halfway through the year, and I wonder how your life and career are going? Are you where you want to be?  A career review can help you to take stock and see what action you need to take. Whilst I offer more extensive programmes, like this career review service, sometimes a short career review is just what we need.

  • Are there plans for you to return to the office? Is this what you want?
  • Are you happy with your job or is now the time to move to somewhere else?
  • If you are thinking of a change, are you clear on what job and why you are a great match?
  • Have you thought about personal development to enable you to move upwards, perhaps to develop expertise
  • If you are applying, how is the job search. Are you getting shortlisted? And how is your interview technique?
  • How is your stress levels are you getting the right balance in life? Have you found the right ways to switch off?
  • How is your online reputation? Do you even understand what this means 😊
  • And confidence – do you truly believe in yourself, or would you benefit with some help on improving self-efficacy and self-esteem?

Why not book a 30 minute clarity call and take action?

In the meantime here are some things you can do:

  1. What is bringing you down

We tend to focus on what we don’t like about our jobs so let’s focus on this. It could be the content of the work (too easy; too much) or relationships with others (bosses/ colleagues/ customers). It could be the commute or the long hours.
Get everything written down.
But we don’t dislike everything.

  1. What’s going well?

Take some time to think about what is going well in your current job. You may say that it is well within your comfort zone, you have great friends as colleagues, it’s a comfortable journey to and from work.
Again, write down what is going well.

  1. Are there changes you could make to your job that would improve things for you?

Maybe you need to get help from someone to create or simplify processes? Or perhaps you need to be firmer on your going home time and to say no to your boss more. Or you could ask for some development – go on a course, get involved in a project, mentor a more junior member of staff.
Identify at least 3 changes you could make, and write them down.

Why not book a 30 minute clarity call and take action?

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