Many people are unhappy in their job, I hear them complain but they don’t take any steps towards leaving and they use their energy in moaning. But we all have choices. Here are ten reasons why people will often stay in their job, even when unhappy:
  1. Lacking confidence – they don’t think they will be successful in any job they apply for and so don’t risk the chance of rejection.  But what’s the worse that can happen?
  2. Lacking time – there is no time or energy left after their current daily work so they can’t get focused on job search. But could you make the time and how much energy will you have once you have made the move?
  3. Inertia – the reason so many people stay in unhappy marriages as well as unsatisfying jobs – it is easier to stay in the current situation, no matter how bad, than to make a change. But what if you vision the future how will you feel and think if things haven’t improved in 5 years time, or 10?
  4. Fear – What will it be like in the unknown world of a new job? But it could also be exciting and fun.
  5. Hope (1) – that things will only get better if they stick with the job.  But they could get worse.
  6. Friendships – when your work colleagues are your friends you may wonder if you can stay friends with them after leaving.  But why not?
  7. Loyalty you think that the company and/or your boss couldn’t manage without you. But nobody is indispensable.
  8. Hope (2) – that you will get a great redundancy package.  But how long may you have to wait?
  9. Money – you are paid really well and won’t get as much money any where else.  But is money the only reason you work? Too often we anesthetise  ourselves from a stressful job by buying things – a less stressful job, we don’t need to spend as much.
  10. A pessimistic attitude – you don’t believe that any job will give you job satisfaction, so you might as well stay with the devil you know. But many people are happy in their work – don’t you deserve to be?
If you are unhappy in your job, why do you stay there? Do get in touch for a personal reply.
Published On: April 4th, 2008 / Categories: Career Management /

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