This week I read in the newspaper about the death of Matthew Courtney, a 27 year old London based lawyer. He fell to his death at the Tate Modern, and the assumption is that he jumped.

Matthew was an associate with a City law firm. The working life of a new associate is long hours, with the carrot of reaching partner with extremely high financial rewards, but would you sacrifice everything for money?

We all need so much money, but how much do you really need and are the sacrifices worth it?  What else is important to you? Family, friends, leisure activities, your health, etc. What impact does your career have in these areas. Many of my clients tell me how they turned to drink as their only way of relaxing after a long day working, and others tell me they gave up a social life as there was no time to maintain friendships when they job took priority and there was a need to be “present” at work.

Sometimes it can help to reflect on your values -the ones that are important in your career and also those in your life in general.   Is there some discrepency? WHat impact does this have on you and your career? 

Our careers are important – we want to have career satisfaction, but what is really important to you?

Published On: February 18th, 2007 / Categories: Career Management /

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