It’s the big question, to understand ourselves, and that’s why there are so many self help books, and people love to take quizzes on line.

These help to some extent, but any self-report is only as good as what you already know about yourself. And most people do not know themselves well.

Whilst I offer other assessments, the most popular, and the one that has the most impact is when people get to understand their natural abilities using the Highlands Ability Battery.

Once you understand your natural abilities, it is like travelling down a clear motorway rather than stuck in a muddy track, behind a tractor. You get there both ways, by why would you choose to struggle?

I’ve got a video that explains it (see how I’ve changed!) and you can also read about it here

You may need to choose open link to get the video to play. Here is the link

Who is it for?

This is a great time for young people to take it before they head to 6th form or college, useful for young adults who are leaving full time education and also for career changers. It helps you to understand why you are dissatisfied in your career, and possibly wider life. And also useful in later life as you plan your future after full time work.

This past week I’ve taken on several younger clients and a couple of career changers too and it prompted me to send details to you as it may be valuable for you or a family member.

Interested? Many sign up without a conversation with me, but I’m happy to talk with you, here’s the link to schedule

And if it is a while since you’ve taken the assessment you may want to set up a time to review it, to make sure you are getting the best from the work we have done.

Enjoy the weekend

Dr Denise Taylor

Published On: July 31st, 2022 / Categories: Assessments, Personal Development /

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