I trained as a personal branding analyst 10 years ago with William Arruda, and regularly get updates on trends. Not all trends work for everyone, but let’s have a look at some which William sees as the top ones and you can then choose 1-3 to work on in 2020. 

1. Nexting

No longer jobs for life we need to be ready to move on. Based on research such as

  • Forrester Research predicts that “today’s youngest workers are more likely to have 15 or more jobs in their lifetime.”
  • Nintex, 53% of employees don’t expect to stay at their companies beyond five years.
  • Deloitte’s 2018 Millennial Survey revealed that Gen Zers expect to stay with their current employer for fewer than two years.

You need to be ready to step up to a new opportunity; or be good to go if company changes mean that your job is no longer required. This means ensuring your CV and LinkedIn profile are up to date and you are clear on your strengths, and the value you can add.  Check yours out – do you need to update? And if you need professional help get in touch.

2. Digital First

When people want to know more about who you are, they look you up – on LinkedIn and via a Google search. What will they find? Are you digitally distinct or nowhere to be found? On LinkedIn people will check out what you say about yourself and your number of connections, skill endorsements and recommendations. We need to manage our digital band – are you authentic with what people will find.

If not, you need to make changes, and I can help with LinkedIn profile makeovers and developing your online presence.

3. Brandscaping

Have you considered your brand? Going deeper than having an online profile, it is around being clear, being consistent and being constant. Make everything stand out and take note of successful companies. Is it clear what you offer, and why people are interested in you?

If this is something you want to work on, let’s talk on how I can help.

4.Treadmill Learning

Back in the day your company sent you on courses, they took responsibility for your professional development. Now the onus is over to you.   And you need to continue to be developing, otherwise, like standing still on a treadmill at the gym you will fall off. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you do need to invest your time. Taking online courses, listening to podcasts, reading articles and books. But you may still get financial support from your company, make a business case for it.

What do you want to learn for you? What will help you in your job? What will take you to where you want to go?  These blog posts may be helpful:

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What have you done to learn and develop yourself this week?

5. Digital Advocacy

Whilst we are unlikely to stay with a company long term, while we are there, we can show company loyalty by being a brand ambassador. Alongside building your own profile, work on expanding your company’s visibility too.

6. Distance Branding  

More people are working flexibly, it saves a company money – less office accommodation required, and saving on utilities too, and we can save time and money on the commute and work in the way that suits us best.  But we need to make sure that ‘out of sight does not mean out of mind’. All the more important to focus on our brand and on keeping strong connections with the people we work with.

7. Video

YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google, according to Search Engine Journal.  Video conferences will replace teleconferences and vmail will become the new email. Get ready to send video messages instead of just the written word. May seem scary, but get ready for it.

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