A client question:

I was hoping to get some careers advice. Since I’ve finished university I’ve been very confused about what I want to do.
I’ve researched around and I find HR very interesting and challenging. I’ve just started a post graduate diploma in personnel management . I find the course very interesting but everyone else has work expereince. I have got no background knowledge in the subject and am not sure if it’s the right choice. I’ve been looking for a job to gain experience in the field, but have had no luck. Every where I’ve applied for wants experience in HR!
I’m very confused with what to do and would like some guidance.

My response

Congratulations on graduating, whilst you may not want to directly choose a career based on your degree you will have many transferable skills and it might be worth taking the time to identify them. 

You said you researched and have decided to do a post grad diploma in personnel management. So you might like to think about what you enjoy about the subject.

Rather than see your fellow students as people that know more, it might be helpful to use their knowledge and ask questions to find out their thoughts. You could gain some work experience through doing some work shadowing in your spare time or Christmas vacation. Having done some unpaid work it would help you to get paid work in time. 

The other thing to do, if you want to explore more about getting jobs in HR is to undertake informational interviews. I’ll be running a telephone seminar on this shortly, so if you sign up for my 10 steps to a job you love you will be told when it will run.

If you would like to schedule a time to talk you could book for a one hour session, as a student that would be at my reduced fee of £70.

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