This morning I was awake early as have my monthly regular short call with Radio Gloucestershire where I talk about my day.

I then made the time to go to the gym. It’s so easy to get stuck into work and to think you will go later, but if like me it never quite happens.

I had some professional development training via a webinar – this was good as i could do it whilst at my desk and it was good to learn more about using the Saville Wave with entrepreneurs.

Phone sessions make really good use of time and after a short break to check emails I had a phone session with a client who has been mad redundant.  As part of her programme we talked through the MBTI and Strong assessments and will talk more in a couple of days.

More time to check emails and repsond to enquiries, one reason why I would never book back to back appointments.

Then a face to face session with a client who has reached the end of The Gold Programme – he had done his research into jobs so now was time to go through his plan and ensure he felt comfortable with next steps. This sounds like a short session but it is really important for me to ensure my client has really though thorugh options and feels comfortable with how they continue without my support.

There’s also been time spent chatting to enquiries by phone, posting out and emailing relevant literature and dealing with the problems technology brings.

Shortly to start work on preparing for client appointments tomorrow and then theres the filing!




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