You know what you want to achieve but will you be successful. The world is full of people who fail to complete on a goal. Sometimes it’s because the goal isn’t well thought through, but mainly it’s because they got distracted. It lost importance, their focus went elsewhere. Maybe you need an accountability partner?

Can you relate to this?
Sometimes a colleague will be your perfect accountability partner for work related issues. When you feel like giving up on a task and you are struggling with some pressure on the job. It can help to have someone else who understand the organisation and you.
But it’s not only about the job. It could be any aspect of your life. Have you got things that you want to achieve and complete but wonder how?  Do you need an accountability partner?

Is there something that you want to achieve? Can I help you?
I know the importance of having someone to provide mentoring, guidance and hold me accountable. That’s why I invest in a personal trainer – for my fitness goals and a business coach to get me focused on an area of my work. I need my own accountability partner.

Sometimes you need a big dose of motivation, a half day that helps you to get your mojo for what you want, then short doses of ongoing support to keep you on track.

Other times you want more ongoing support, this works well for weight loss and job search. It helps to be able to get regular input, seek advice and know you have someone on your side, as your accountability partner who can provide more input.

Accountability works. Our Armed Forces use this to accomplish their goals. Sports coaches use it with football teams and the like. And my personal trainer is my accountability partner to make sure I focus on doing one more set with a higher weight etc.

Today it’s the 1st July – half way through the year. How far have you come and where do you want to go?
Imagine the feeling in 1, 2 or 3 months when you have success?

So, what do you want to do?

How successful do you expect to be? Give yourself a score on a 1-5 scale and if it’s not a 4 or 5 we need to talk about how I can be your accountability partner.

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