Understanding how firms carry out their recruitment can be useful for jobseekers. It can help you to avoid ending up on the rejection list. Giving recruiters what they need is a way to make their job easier and, therefore, increase your chance of success.
Follow the application process to the letter
The first thing to understand is that each firm does recruitment in a slightly different way. Increasingly software like that sold by CIPHR HR Systems is used to manage and monitor the recruitment process.
This means that if you are asked to apply via an online application form you need to follow that process rather than ignore the request and send an email with your CV attached. Often the online database automatically feeds into a firm’s HR recruitment system. If you do not send in your application in the way asked your application can end up being ignored.
Normally, firms ask you to apply in a specific way for a reason, so it is important to do as they ask. Besides which not following the outlined application process will not play well with a prospective employer.
It is important to answer all of the questions asked during the application process. Resist the temptation to skim over sections of the application because you cannot see the relevance of some of the questions.
Promote yourself online
These days practically all firms use online resources to help them find the right person for the job, and to vet applicants. This means that you need to have a professional LinkedIn profile and be careful about what you post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media accounts.
Since 2009, Jobvite have been monitoring the use of social media for recruitment. Their latest survey showed that 14% of firms had actually hired through Twitter and 26% via Facebook. Importantly, 66% refer to Facebook during the recruitment and vetting process and 52% do so via Twitter.
However, LinkedIn is still their main resource 94% use LinkedIn to recruit and 79% actually hired someone found on the site. It is, therefore, vital to have the right profile on this social media platform.
Watch your Ps and Qs
You also need to be aware of your behaviour on social media. It is all too easy to rule yourself out of a job because of something negative a recruiter finds online.
Nearly 55% or recruiters have reconsidered a candidate because of something they have found on social media. Referring to illegal drugs online is unwise. In fact, 83% of recruiters reported deciding not to recruit a candidate because they mentioned illegal drugs.
Stay connected to others in your industry
Networking is vital. Recruiters should be able to see that you are engaged with others in your industry.
Many employees carry out at least some of their recruitment via referral. Those recommendations come through their existing staff, so staying in touch with people you have worked with or studied with in the past is important.
Firms want people who are passionate about their profession. They expect to see evidence that you follow leaders in your industry and stay up to date. Your social networks should reflect this. In the Jobvite survey, 88% of recruiters looked for industry related posts being shared by candidates.

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