Creed 2 is the recent follow on to the Rocky story. We know how these films end … but it is the journey that’s the interesting part.
Preparing to defend a world championship is like preparing for job search. We must do more; and understand our opponent.
Too often people follow the standard path, they don’t properly prepare. They don’t have the right coach.
I don’t want to give too much away if you haven’t seen the film, but Adonis goes into a match with a different coach, not Rocky Balboa. The coach does his best, but he hasn’t fully appreciated the opponent – Viktor Drago. He is bigger, stronger and hungrier to win. Creed wins by default.
In a coach you need someone who gets to understand the situation.
As a job search coach, I dig deep to understand the job you want, the probable competition, how you will stand out and what you need to do to prepare.
For the rematch, Rocky steps in to help and he goes for major changes. What helped him to win the title is not going to work with the match with Drago.
They move away from the traditional boxing gym to hard core training.
Adonis is pushed beyond what he thinks possible in his training, but he needs this. He needs to get prepared, to go beyond the typical. He needs to face these physical challenges.
As a job search coach, I’m not going to make you run for miles, but I will expect you to put in the time and effort to research the company and to think through the questions you don’t want to answer. We’ll look at them deeply, and make sure they won’t phase you. 
It’s not just the physical challenges. It’s also addressing the mental.
The best sports coaches use psychology. Inner talk is so important as we go through life. Tell ourselves we will fail, and we do. But inner talk must be built on evidence. We can’t just wish ourselves to succeed.
I gained a distinction through my studies in sports and exercise psychology. I may have a masters’ in Occupational Psychology but wanted to focus on a different area of applied psychology for a year, to learn more theory and techniques to best help my clients.
Will 2019 be the year you focus on the job you really want? If you want to find out more about my job search support schedule a time for us to talk using this link.

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